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First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my site and I believe my creativity was the reason of this. Yes, just creativity, and in no other way, I can call the thing I do, I live in and the thing that should be common here with you to ensure that in the happiest day of your life we together create photos, by viewing which you could feel back again and again those emotions, to remember sincere glances of those people who were happy for you and were beside you on this day. My target, as for the wedding photographer, is to reproduce most deeply the atmosphere, emotions and the brightest moments of your holiday. For me, every wedding is a separate story, for which I prepare myself, which I live in and about which I think over for a long time in order to have a fair result that would have exceptional value through the years. So, if you share my thoughts, let’s create together a new, your personal story, of course, with the happy end


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